Personal News & Press Release News Boubyan Bank Launches Mandoob Card

Boubyan Bank Launches Mandoob Card

Boubyan Bank announced the launch of Mandoob Card which allows SMEs’ entrepreneurs to pay all government and semi-government fees related to their projects in a quick and convenient manner.

Mr. Zaid Al Sadoun, Executive Manager –Business Banking Unit at Boubyan Bank stated: “The new card comes as a part of the services provided by Boubyan Bank to SMEs to help with their growth and expansion of business as such products and services help companies achieve their profitability goals.”

“With these current rapid and accelerating changes in the business, there is an increasing need for companies to focus more on marketing their products and services and maximizing profits. This necessitates having a banking partner like Boubyan Bank which can understand the needs of businesses and fulfill their requirements.”, he added. 

Al Sadoun went on to add: “A certain limit of daily or monthly expenses is set for this card by the company owner or by the management in-charge, thus, all the expenses will be under his supervision and he may revise such limits at any time.” 

Al Sadoun stressed that the next period would witness more services and products which may contribute to supporting this domain as a part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility towards the youth, and its keenness on supporting them in various sectors. 

SMEs Services 

Boubyan Bank has already launched a set of banking solutions dedicated to SMEs in Kuwait to encourage more Kuwaiti youth to engage into this type of projects in various fields.

The business banking services were designed to be smart banking solutions which understand the needs of these projects while providing a diversified set of exceptional benefits allowing for managing many banking transactions in a smooth and convenient manner by utilizing an extensive range of user-friendly banking services which are available around the clock. 

Boubyan Bank’s services allow entrepreneurs to manage their companies’ accounts, submit applications, review their balances and check account details while performing many other transactions online such as staff salary transfers, local and international fund transfers, chequebook requests, audit certificates, and accessing all the details of all accounts in addition to printing and downloading bank accounts along with the cash-deposit service and many other services.

The services also include quick online salary & incentives’ transfers as well as other P.O.S. machines which facilitate the sale process at companies and make them smoother and more secure along with all their benefits. Boubyan also give entrepreneurs the corporate payment gateway designed for corporates and retails to allow them to manage their online commercial transactions. 

Similarly, Boubyan signed an agreement with Visa International to allow Boubyan SMEs’ customers to enjoy various benefits upon using their Corporate Visa Credit Card. 

A special Visa credit card was designed to extend many benefits and exceptional features to cardholders and help them enjoy unique offers and experiences from leading brands.

Visa Corporate Credit Card includes a tool for preparing banking report for businesses to monitor corporate expenses while allowing customers the chance to benefit from an extensive set of offers, and unique experiences from leading prestigious brands and gives them access to 25 airport lounges around the globe.

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