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Business Banking Credit Card

The Business Banking Credit from Boubyan Bank is considered to be a full set of financial solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides companies with several tools and solutions that will maximize efficiency and flexibility when it comes to finical transactions.  It is also considered to be the best solution when it comes to managing travelling expenses. It allows stakeholders and the account administrators to keep track of spending and ensure compliance with company policies.


  • Control: Advanced online tools that will support your decision making process and ensure compliance with policies and procedure.  
  • Monitoring: The ability to generate and obtain detailed reports to help you better monitor your spending. 
  • Saving: Provides with data availability for greater objectives, either through negotiation with suppliers or through monitoring of non-compliant expenditures.
  • Flexibility: For both business owners and employees, where payment privileges and rules can be applied instantly. 
  • Efficiency: An automated solution that enhances efficiency through optimal use of resources.


  • All Boubyan business banking customers

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