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Thank you for visiting this page and for your interest in joining the Boubyan Bank team.

Boubyan Bank is a respected Islamic banking institution with a well earned reputation for quality financial solutions. All of our bank’s activities are in accordance with, and adhere to Islamic Shari’a principles. This is important because rather than being solely concerned with financial issues, we can also concentrate on ways to improve and support our community on a local and soon to be global level.

As we hope you’ll come to see, Boubyan Bank is a bank with a mission. We are always striving to be more personal, more helpful, and more involved. This philosophy evolves with how we treat our employees. We believe that the welfare and good disposition of our employees is at the core of running a successful organization.

The ideal employee of Boubyan Bank is active in their community, is a bright independent thinker and a hard working individual. Working with us isn’t just about fulfilling your duties on the job. The people who excel at Boubyan Bank are the people who excel at the things in life. We believe that a person is never done learning and we support and encourage our employees to pursue self-improvement. To that end we offer our employees special benefits that balances work with their personal lives.

We want all of our employees to grow. That’s why Boubyan Bank offers a wealth of supportive programs that are designed to meet our employees’ needs and ambitions within and outside of the workplace.  By respecting our employees’ individuality we hope to foster a working environment that benefits everyone involved with the bank, including our customers.

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What kind of training can Boubyan Bank offer me?

Besides the special benefits we offer our employees, one of the main advantages of working with Boubyan Bank is on-the-job-training and commitment to education we can offer. We believe that it takes more than just discipline to make a good employee. A good employee needs to have the opportunity to grow and learn, and who better to learn from than successful and seasoned industry veterans that have an abundance of experience in the field of Islamic banking.

We also provide our employees with vigorous classroom training programs that aims at developing their skills and thinking beyond their day to day tasks. Programs that concentrates on how to deliver excellent services to the clients, understanding the clients’ needs, and advising them on how to better utilize the banking relationship we have built.

For more inquiries please contact: itqanacademy@BankBoubyan.com

At Boubyan Bank we accept both graduates and undergraduates into our internship programs, also we encourage them to apply early and often. One of Boubyan Bank’s greatest commitments is to improve and support Kuwaiti society wherever possible.

One of the many ways we do this is by supporting initiatives that benefit the youth of Kuwait. It is imperative that young people get as much actual job experience as possible to develop them as future bankers.

The more chances a young person gets to work and learn while they are developing, the better they will do in their future endeavors. So we are more than happy to help out the youth to mature in a positive and healthy working environment.

For more inquiries please contact: itqanacademy@BankBoubyan.com

In cooperation with Kuwaiti banks and the management of the Institute of Banking Studies (IBS), the Central Bank of Kuwait is providing ambitious Kuwaiti youth with career & training opportunities in addition to excellent qualitative training.  The Ninth Batch of Kuwait Graduate Development Program, aiming at training and qualifying Kuwaiti graduates to work in the banking sector, will kick-off in March 2020 and extend over a 12-month period. The program will help the graduates get the professional training at local and international banks in Kuwait and abroad during the program’s period. The trainee will also receive a monthly salary throughout the term of the program.

For more information about the terms and conditions of the program, please click the below link Or you may alternatively contact the following numbers: 22901100, Ext. 404 or Direct: 22901101

Terms and Conditions

As a part of the Central Bank of Kuwait's strategic endeavors towards preparing efficient national cadres who are capable of contributing to Kuwait’s development, and within Kafa’a initiative launched by the Central Bank in cooperation with Kuwaiti banks and the Institute of Banking Studies (IBS) , for the 6th year in a row, the Central Bank of Kuwait is launching the Masters Scholarship Program for Kuwaiti nationals.

For further information, please click on the link below

Terms and Conditions