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Boubyan bank proposes events and activities for various customers segments. These events are designed with educational and entertaining objectives in a context that strengthens the bank’s relationship with all its customers. 

We create original events with the purpose of enhancing interaction with our customers and providing them with a unique experience. Our events ideas always aim to build stronger engagement with our customers and to help us play an active role in the community. 

Boubyan bank events are announced through the bank’s social media channels, push notifications and website. 

How to register 

Registration in the announced events is made through Boubyan Bank website. After the registration, participants are chosen through a raffle draw.

  • 2019 Events

Angry Birds 2 Movie Screening

Latte Art Workshop

Fashion Illustration Workshops

Addams Family Event

Dr.Abdulaziz Abal Lecture

Star Circuit Event

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