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Boubyan Bank and Harvey Nichols press conference

Boubyan Bank launches a new campaign in collaboration with Harvey Nichols for Platinum customers 

Haji: Since 'Your Time Is Platinum', we give you a unique shopping experience 

Boubyan Bank has announced a partnership agreement to launch a new campaign in collaboration with Harvey Nichols (one of the most prestigious and luxurious brands of Al Shaya Group), including a luxurious and exclusive shopping experience with a special fashion expert at this special department store that harbors the most luxurious and famous international brands in addition to up to KD 5,000 in gift vouchers only for Boubyan Bank's Platinum customers.

Speaking about this campaign, Mr. Hamad Haji, Senior Manager - Marketing Department at Boubyan Bank stated: “To continue with the bank’s habit to offer new and special products and experiences to its customers, Boubyan Bank has launched a special shopping experience for its Platinum customers as a part of a group of top offers, emanating from the bank’s understanding of the needs and requirements of this segment and as a part of the “Your Time Is Platinum” campaign launched recently by the bank.”

“The campaign starts in February and will continue until March 15th 2020 in cooperation with Harvey Nichols - Kuwait. Boubyan Bank will reward 20 Platinum customers with gift cards from Harvey Nichols up to KD 5,000 in value in addition to providing them with a premium exclusive shopping experience with a special fashion expert at this special department store which is home to the most luxurious and famous international brands.”, Haji added. 

He further added: “Collaboration with Al Shaya Group emanates from Boubyan Bank's keenness on cooperating and inking valuable partnerships with famous brands in the Kuwaiti market, which would give the bank’s customers the great experiences they are looking for.” 

Haji went on to add: “The coming period will witness more special offers, targeting more segments of the bank’s customers to continuously cater for their needs and stand out by innovating the simplest and more convenient solutions, which will reflect positively on our services to customers.”

In this context, Mr. Nick Walker, Vice President Luxury in Harvey Nichols stated: “We are always happy to cooperate with a prestigious entity such as Boubyan Bank, especially in such a kind of campaigns where we are keen to provide unique and exclusive experiences to our customers. This cooperation embodies the vision of Harvey Nichols - Kuwait based on “Luxury in Everything We Do”, and is based on splendor and seeking to build strong relationships with customers.”

Harvey Nichols was founded in 1831, and today it has become one of the most prominent international fashion companies in the U.K. and globally, as it is famous for its diverse and exclusive products. Harvey Nichols is home to many luxurious fashion collections for men and women, fashion accessories, beauty products, and food. It gives its customers a unique and premium shopping experience as it harbors a special collection of prestigious brands in the world of fashion, beauty, accessories and food in addition to providing wonderful service levels to customers at all stores.

Boubyan Bank has also launched a special campaign recently for Platinum customers in cooperation with Souq Safar travel company at the Avenues, where Platinum customers have many winning chances by entering draws for travel vouchers which can be used by customers to travel around the world. This added to the extensive services Platinum customers enjoy, providing them with the highest levels of comfort and luxury that make their lives easier and save their time.

Boubyan... “A Lifestyle” 

Over the past years, Boubyan Bank managed to change a lot of traditional concepts about banking and the banking sector in all ways. This reflected on the level of service and products provided by the bank to its customers since it is more than a bank, or a “Life Style”. This comes as a part of the bank’s clear vision and long-term strategy to continue reinforcing its position as an influencer in the banking sector, while strongly fostering the values of transparency, innovation, and excellence in customer service.

During the past year, and due to the bank’s achievements at the level of services and products provided to customers, coupled with its customer-service excellence, Boubyan Bank managed to earn a number of international awards, the most prominent of which was being named the Best Islamic Bank in Kuwait by both Global Finance and the Banker, the two international institutions. Additionally, the bank was named the Best Islamic Bank in Kuwait in Customer Service and received the First Place Award in Customer Service as a Country Winner from Service Hero, the international consumer-driven customer satisfaction index.

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