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Boubyan Bank Honors Its Staff for Thwarting a Hacking Attempt to Compromise Its Banking Systems

Boubyan Bank’s Senior Management honored a number of its staff across various departments at the bank who succeeded, owing to their alertness, in thwarting and frustrating an attempt to hack and compromise the bank’s banking systems which was made by a European person.

Mr. Adel Al-Majed, the Vice-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of the bank, thanked the bank’s staff for their action and stressed that the human resources of the bank across all levels and departments spare no efforts to serve our customers and to protect their interests.

He stressed: “The response of our staff highlights their excellent capabilities and the effort they exert while performing their job duties.”

Mr. Abdulla Al-Tuwaijri, the bank’s Deputy CEO, was present in the honorary celebration along with the bank’s General Manager, Mr. Waleed Al-Yaqout, and Mr. Mosaed Al-Loghani Head of the Bank’s Security in addition to a number of officers.

The bank’s Security Department and the IT Department managed to thwart an attempt made at the beginning of this week by a European citizen to install a skimmer in one of the bank’s ATMs.

The alertness of the staff of the Security Department and the advanced technology adopted by the bank enabled the discovery of the attempt and thwarting it in a matter of minutes, leading to the arrest of the offender owing to the responsiveness of the Ministry of Interior who arrived at the spot and arrested the offender of the failed attempt.