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Education Savings Plan

Your child’s future is the best investment.  

Secure a bright future for your children and invest money wisely to facilitate their access to world-class education opportunities. Choose Boubyan’s Education Savings Plan that guarantees secure profits and flexibility to withdraw partially from the plan or break it before maturity.


  • Monthly installment deducted directly from your account.
  • Profits calculated monthly and paid yearly.  
  • Flexibility to break the plan before maturity and refund the full accrued saved amount along with the profits.
  • Flexibility to withdraw partially from the deposit. 
  • The total savings plan target amount is covered by Boubyan Takaful insurance.  

Terms & Conditions

  • Salary transfer to a Boubyan account 
  • Salary starting from KD 1,000
  • Minimum saved target amount KD 10,000
  • Maximum saved target amount KD 250,000
  • Minimum tenure 4 years
  • Maximum tenure 18 years
  • The fixed deposit reaches maturity once the parent is 65 years old or the child turns 18 (whichever comes first).


  • Customers aged 20 to 60 years  
  • The beneficiary child should not be older than 14 years 

Required Documents

  • Copy of the child’s civil ID
  • Copy of the parent or guardian’s civil ID 
  • Filled medical questionnaire 
  • Printed monthly installment calculation for the Education Savings Plan