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Online Credit Card Issuance

Boubyan’s online credit card issuance service is introduced to bring you more comfort and convenience by enabling you to easily request a new credit card through Boubyan Internet Banking or Boubyan App 24/7 without having to visit a branch. You can then collect your new card through Boubyan ATMs or Boubyan Direct machines.


  • Easy and smooth credit card request process
  • The card is issued directly through Boubayn ATMs or Boubyan Direct machines


  • You should have an account on Boubyan Internet Banking service or Boubyan App
  • Salary account customers transferring their salaries to Boubyan are eligible to use the service
  • Ci-net form signatures are processed digitally
  • The civil ID  is cross-checked with PACI for the authenticated digital signature to process the request
  • Credit card types are chosen based on the your segment
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