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Credit Card Issuance

A new milestone in Digital innovation 

Boubyan bank’s new innovative service allows you for the first time in Kuwait to issue a new credit card easily and comfartably without visiting the branch. Simply submit a request through Boubyan App, and get your card from any ATM or Boubyan Direct machine that supports card issuance. 

Service details and benefits 

• Service available 24/7 through Boubyan App and Msa3ed 
• Flexibility to choose your card’s limit and monthly payment method
• You can collect your card from an ATM or a Boubyan Direct machine once your request is approved and confirmed. 
• You can activate your card through Boubyan App 
• A salary account and salary transfer are required 


  • You should have an account on Boubyan App
  • The service is available to individual customers who have a salary account and transfer their salaries to Boubyan Bank
  • The credit card type is selected based on the customer’s segment
  • All customers are eligible for this service except Private Banking customers

Credit Card Issuance