Boubyan Innovation and Partnerships

Partnerships that help shape the future of banking 


Over the last decade exponential growth of innovation in the financial service industry has led to the emergence of new startups in the financial industry, the force that started as a disruption has been shaped into collaborators. Traditional business models were being challenged to evolve towards an experience that clearly benefited customers due to multiple trends.

At Boubyan Innovation and Partnerships, we are passionate about the creation and impact of our knowledge and how we are able to support it. The team has always led the way in recognizing the change and felt the need to bring to its loyal customer the latest and innovative ways to manage their financial transactions.

Benefits of collaboration

  • Expertise & Knowledge
    • Boubyan Bank has always been at the forefront of customer service and it is this knowledge of the customer needs and requirements that fuels the passion to innovate. With invaluable knowledge and expertise in the field of finance, the bank offers a platform for partners to collaborate and join the success together.
  • Resources and Facilities
    • Boubyan Bank is constantly evaluating improvements to services and offerings for our valuable customer base, this leads the need to facilitate and empower partners by providing banking and non-banking services that would ultimately increase the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Research and Partnerships
    • Boubyan Bank is always on the lookout of partners who are agile, innovation-focused and work in financial technology. The next step is to be able to mutually agree on areas to focus improvement efforts, such as customer experience, new capabilities, or new customer segments. Importantly the choice of partnerships and technologies is made after in-depth research and analysis.
  • Drive Innovation
    • Boubyan Bank inspire, incubate and accelerate ideas and technologies design and development in various Fin-Tech verticals.

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Not just another youth account! A whole new banking experience

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