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Best Mobile Banking App in Kuwait 

Continuing in its path of digital leadership, Boubyan Bank has made another achievement in digital banking services extended to its customers by receiving the 2019’s Best Mobile Banking App in Kuwait by Global Finance.

Boubyan has been among the first banks to launch a smart phone App and managed, through the many services and products it offers through the App, to prove that it is the closest bank to its customers and the one which best understands their day-to-day needs.

The bank already launched the all-new mobile banking App for smart devices months ago. This App update is a representation of what the bank does at the highest levels of customer services by being in touch with them directly to get to know their trends, desires and needs. The App received the First Place award among similar Apps whether in terms of smoothness, users’ growth or ratings which placed the App ahead of others.

The most significant aspect about this award is that it comes from an international institution which is renowned for its fairness and credibility, and this crowns our efforts over the past years where the bank invested in IT and digital banking services.

Winning Criteria Set by the Panel of International Judges:

In its report about the selection criteria set by a panel of international judges, Global Finance referred to such criteria as: - 

  • Strength of strategy set by the bank for attracting and servicing digital customers. 
  • Success in getting clients to use digital offerings.
  • Growth of customers who use digital banking services through their various channels, whether through online banking or smart phones.
  • Innovation and creativity in providing outstanding banking and non-banking services via electronic channels.

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