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Darisni Campaign with Boubyan Bank 

We are pleased to inform our customers that we have concluded a partnership agreement with Darisni App, aiming to assist our students while continuing their academic studies amid these exceptional circumstances accompanying Covid-19 and the transformation to online education.

As a part of the campaign, we will be choosing 500 of customers and non-customers’ children from governmental and Private Arabic Schools  across various academic levels from 9 to 12, who will be granted a free subscription in Darisni App for one month. Students will be selected by a draw.

The campaign will not only select the students and give them the 1-month free subscription but also follow up with them and choose the excelling students to recognize their achievements by the end of the academic year 2020-2021.

Selected students will be contacted via email and WhatsApp and will be sent their special subscription code by the last week of December.

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