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Boubyan Subiyya Challenge

To continue our trips and adventures for the youths, organized by Boubyan Bank for the youths, inside and outside Kuwait, Boubyan Bank announced a new challenge, namely, Boubyan Subiyya Challenge, which took place on February Friday 15th 2019 with participation of large number of Kuwaiti youth who interesting with challenge and adventure.

It's a unique 7 km race that included a combination of natural challenges from the hills of Subbiya area, which the challenge mechanism was 3 laps “2.25 KM” which lead the runner to challenge himself with the obstacles 3x as Subbiya hills, crawling, Berlin wall and sand bag.

Boubyan Subiyya Challenge is a message from Boubyan Bank to motivate the youths to take part in activities and events which inspire them to foster positive behavior which will benefit them and, accordingly, benefit the society, too.

Subiyya is known for sand dunes with some hills and slopes, which should be completed by the participant teams within a specific time while complying with the instructions of the guides. Signposts have been placed throughout the course of the challenge.

Date and Time

Feb. 15, 2019 , Feb. 15, 2019,

Subbiya Area

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