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Best Employers in Localization Award

The Highest National Manpower Percentage Among Local Banks at 77.2%

Boubyan Bank has added a new achievement by earning the Award for the “Replacement and Nationalization of Manpower” atop the Banking Sector in Kuwait. This award is given for institutions with a high national manpower percentage for the fifth year in a row.
Mr. Abdullah Al-Mehri, the Acting Chief Operations Officer, received the award on behalf of Boubyan Bank during the fifth meeting’s celebration of the GCC Council of Ministers of Labor hosted by the Sultanate of Oman last week in the presence of the representatives of the State of Kuwait, H.E. Ms. Mariam Al-Aqeel, Minister of State for Economic Affairs, H.E. Mr. Saad Al Kharaz, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, and Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Shuaib, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.
Mr. Adel Al-Hammad, General Manager of the bank's Human Resources Group, commented on this achievement by stating: “This achievement highlights our commitment to our strategy as well as the keenness of the bank’s management on its social responsibility towards the Kuwaiti youth.”
“Boubyan Bank has maintained its status for the fifth year in a row as the best choice for the Kuwaiti youth when it comes to working in the private sector in addition to the bank’s superb manpower percentage. This highlights the extent of the bank’s achievements at all levels.”, he added. 
He went on to add: “This achievement is the fruit of our keenness on adopting the latest talent development programs in developing our human resources as well as our tireless and continuous efforts over the past years which were crowned by our success in increasing the percentage of national manpower in the bank to reach 77.2%. This makes our bank an example of the Kuwaiti private sector which succeeds in attracting the best national cadres.” 

“This percentage is not only one of the highest percentages at the level of local banks but also at the level of the Kuwaiti private sector where the bank stands as an example of successful local manpower recruitment and development in addition to creating excellent job opportunities in the region.”, Al-Hammad added.
Also, he explained that Boubyan Bank became on the career priority list of ambitious Kuwaiti youth due to the work environment at the bank which fosters more innovation, creativity and unleashes youth’s energy.
Furthermore, Al-Hammad stated: “Compared with other banks and many companies, the average age of the bank’s staff is young, nevertheless, many of them already reached leadership positions out of the bank’s firm belief in giving the youth an outstanding leading role, especially as the bank provides them with all the training and academic resources which give them an excellent opportunity to gain professional and practical expertise, and this makes them gain great experience compared with their age.”
“Over the past years, the bank maintained the leadership position among local banks and the private sector in terms of implementing several important initiatives towards the development of its employees, the enhancement of their skills and preparing them through training programs and special workshops which combine the dissemination of information and the real practice of the banking business in addition to listening to the opinions of employees and studying all their ideas. We also study the possibility of implementing such ideas using the best scientific and technical means, and this instilled more loyalty in our staff towards their organization.”, Al-Hammad concluded.