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The Sixth Reading Marathon

The Sixth Charitable Reading Marathon Kicks Off under the Sponsorship of Boubyan Bank and Clinica Dental CenterOver 5 Sessions, +220 Students Were Aided with a Total of KD 20,000 The activities of the Sixth Charitable Reading Marathon will be launched next Thursday, September 26th and extend over 3 days. The reading marathon is organized by Boubyan Bank in collaboration with Clinica Dental Center and Takween Bookstore. The revenues of the marathon will be allocated to support and aid students who are unable to pay for their tuition fees. The reading marathon will take place in 360 mall.

Visitors of the mall will have the opportunity to read a number of books which will be available to them. Then, Boubyan Bank and Clinica will donate KD 1 per each 10 pages read by any of the visitors of the mall to help educate students with financial difficulties in Kuwaiti schools. 

Dr. Mohamed Al-Safi, from Clinica Dental Center said: “The idea of organizing the sixth charitable reading marathon emanates from Clinica’s belief in the concept of corporate social responsibility in private sector companies and for profit entities towards social issues, especially the right to education.”

He added: “The marathon is an opportunity for reading and broadening one’s cultural horizons, while at the same time assisting students with financial difficulties in paying their tuition fees. This is part of our duty towards serving our society and contributing to its development in a manner that serves social segments in need of help.”

On his part, Mr. Mohamed Al-Etaby, from Takween Bookstore, stated: “Our bookstore has been organizing and participating in the charitable reading marathon right from the beginning. The idea of the activity is about blending social volunteer work with cultural work while we provide donations to students with financial difficulties who are unable to pay their tuition fees”.

Al-Etaby went on to explain: “The idea of the marathon is that for each 10 pages read, a one KD is donated to pay for the tuition fees of students with financial difficulties. Over the previous 5 marathons, we have made donations to about 220 students amounting to KD 20,000.”

“In cooperation with Boubyan Bank and Clinica Dental Center, our strategic partners in this event, we managed to attract more readers. These marathons helped transform the activity of reading from a personal choice to a social habit, and from a hobby to a lifestyle.”

Boubyan Bank’s CSR  

Faye Mejbel Al Mutawa, Officer - Corporate Communications Division at Boubyan Bank, stated: “This is an open invitation for anyone to participate in this charitable marathon as they can visit 360 Mall and read any number of pages they like.”

“There are many goals from the marathon; first to help visitors be more cultivated by reading and second to contribute to the education of students suffering from financial difficulties. By holding such events and activities, we, at Boubyan, seek to contribute to serving the society by untraditional initiatives which add value to the various segments of the society, especially those in need of financial and morale support.”, she added.

Ms. Al Mutawa concluded: “Following the great success of the charitable reading marathon during its past 5 sessions, we thought to proceed with the sixth but on a greater scale to help reach to a greater segment of avid readers, and to succeed in achieving greater goals which were subject of the marathon’s focus from its very first session.”

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