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The new 6.13 Boubyan App update

The 6.13 App update adds new innovative services designed to improve the user’s experience with more practical features and enhancements.

Register in PASS parking solution with simple steps through Boubyan App and easily top up your account at your convenience anytime.

  • PASS is a smart solution that uses car plate number recognition technology to facilitate automated parking payments without using tickets or cash.
  • Top-up your PASS account easily through Boubyan App to pay for the parking tickets automatically through PASS when leaving the parking.
  • PASS cameras will recognize your car plate number when you approach the exit barrier and the parking ticket payment will be automatically processed from your account. 

PASS is available at locations including: 

  • 360 Mall
  • Al Hamra
  • Kuwait Souq
  • Mubarakiya
  • Yaal Mall