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Boubyan Bank Officially Inaugurates Its 43rd Branch at the Public Authority for Minors Affairs 

Al-Doub: Our Geographic Expansion Is in Line with Our Digital Expansion Plans 

Boubyan Bank has officially inaugurated its new branch at the Public Authority for Minors Affairs, thereby reinforcing the bank’s presence and network locally as a part of its expansion plans inside Kuwait to serve its customers everywhere by providing ease, comfort and quick performance of their transactions during the official business hours of the branch.

The ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Barrak Ali Al Shaitan, General Manager, Public Authority of Minor Affairs “PAMA”, and Mr. Adel Al-Majed, Vice-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Boubyan Bank along with a number of senior officers of the bank and the authority.

Mr. Al Shaitan congratulated Boubyan Bank on inaugurating the new branch at PAMA’s headquarters, pointing out that this is the fruit of the collaboration and the public–private partnership which manifested itself in the bid awarded to Boubyan Bank to utilize the branch’s building.

Al Shaitan stated: “The branch is an added value that serves our audience, especially those benefiting from the services of the authority as they will be using the services provided by Boubyan Bank since the branch is in a prime & commercial location which is one of the most prominent locations in Kuwait City.” 

Same Boubyan Unique Identity Anywhere

Bashar Al-Doub, AGM at Boubyan Bank, stated: “The new branch is a great addition to Boubyan Bank’s network since it serves one of the most important government entities visited by many customers on a daily basis.”

He added: “In terms of interior design, we took into consideration the ease and comfort of providing outstanding services to customers while providing sufficient space for movement and waiting inside the branch in addition to allocating a special area to serve ladies and another one for serving gentlemen, while giving Boubyan room for staying distinctive and capable of upgrading such branches to keep up with the ongoing developments in the local and international banking sectors.”

“The design of the new branch brings about the digital and technological nature without compromising the modern outlook that characterizes Boubyan Bank. This emphasizes Boubyan Bank’s identity and makes it easy to recognize immediately wherever it is through the design made by international designers who specialize in designing branches in a modern manner without neglecting the developments in the banking industry.”, Al-Doub explained. Furthermore, the branch is environment-friendly as it is equipped with iPads and screens that display the bank’s products which make up for printed brochures and documents

Digital Expansion 

Al-Doub elaborated: “The bank will continue to invest in further digital banking service side by side with expanding the number of branches as a part of its plans to acquire additional market shares in various fields.”

“This year Boubyan Bank was named the Best Islamic Digital Bank in Kuwait by Global Finance for the fifth time in a row in addition to being crowned the Best Islamic Digital Bank in the Middle East. Such an award crowns the efforts of a remarkable year at the level of digital banking, while adding to the number of awards the bank received from Global Finance.

Al-Doub concluded: “I would like to reiterate that Global Finance’s report about the selection criteria set by a panel of international judges detailed the criteria as; strength of strategy set by the bank for attracting and servicing digital customers, getting clients to use digital offerings, and growth of customers who use digital banking services through their various channels, whether through online banking or smart phones.”

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