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Boubyan Direct at Kuwait University Shadadiya

Boubyan Bank has announced the launch of its new services for all its students and faculty in Kuwait University which has already moved to its new premises in Shadadiya Neighborhood. The bank already installed a number of Boubyan Direct devices and ATMs at various locations in the university, thereby providing students and other persons with the most comfortable access to the services and products they need.

Khalid Al-Shammari, Executive Manager, Direct Banking Services at Boubyan Bank stated: “Our presence in Kuwait University’s new premises in Shadadiya is a continuation of our ongoing endeavor to keep up with all the developments in Kuwait’s education sector and attempt to support and provide the same with modern banking services and products, which make Boubyan stand out from the crowd. This has been our idea from the beginning, namely, to be close to our customers always.”

Al-Shammari went on to explain: “Boubyan Bank managed within a short period to get 3 Boubyan Direct devices up and running along with 3 ATM machines deployed across 6 colleges (the College of Business Administration, Basic Education College, College of Engineering, College of Life Sciences, College of Science, and the College of Arts). Also, we will provide other colleges with devices once they are inaugurated. This aims at supporting students and the faculty to make their day-to-day lives easier and more comfortable by giving them access to digital banking services around the clock and 24/7.”

Speaking of the services currently available in Boubyan Direct devices, Al-Shammari stated: “They include most of the services such as cash deposit up to KD 5,000, cheque payment and deposit, depositing to a third party’s account, and cash transfers. Later on, we will be introducing the services of debit card issuance, salary transfer certificate printing, and account statement printing in addition to printing the IBAN and dispensing of Eidya and many other services which will be provided later on.”

Speaking of Boubyan Direct technology, Al-Shammari explained: “It is an application of visual technologies that enable customers to perform many banking transactions via multi-tasking ATM machines by speaking directly with the bank's staff through the monitors in these devices using the direct live video call technology”

“Through Boubyan Direct, customers can perform a number of transactions and get instant answers for all their queries and enjoy the highest information security and safety standards provided by the devices to the users.”, he concluded.