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Boubyan Bank sponsors NUKS - USA

As a part of its endeavors to support the Kuwaiti youth abroad, Boubyan Bank is sponsoring the 36th Annual Conference of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students in the United States of America “NUKS, USA”, which will be launched during the period from November 28th to December 1st 2019, entitled “A Productive Generation for a Giving Nation”.  

Waleed Al Saqabi, Manager - Corporate Communications Division at the bank stated: “The bank’s sponsorship of this important annual conference is consistent with the bank’s keenness on supporting the Kuwaiti youth in various scientific, cultural and sports domains inside and outside the state of Kuwait.” 

“As always, Boubyan Bank believes that Kuwait’s real fortune lies in its promising youth, especially those seeking to attain the highest levels of knowledge to serve their country and drive the country’s development.”, he added. 

Al Saqabi went on to add: “The annual conference of the students of Kuwait in the U.S. is one of the youth’s events Boubyan is keen on supporting on a constant basis out of its belief in the role played by students’ unions inside and outside Kuwait in highlighting the positive image of Kuwaiti youth.” 

Various Events and Activities 

“The bank's delegation to the conference and its various activities comprise of a group of the human resources, marketing, social communication and the corporate communications and public relations’ staff for more interaction with various events and activities held as a part of the conference.”, Al Saqabi added. 

He further explained: “Out of Boubyan Bank's keenness on attracting the best national cadres, meetings were held with students on the sidelines of the conference to respond to their inquiries concerning employment, review the job opportunities Boubyan Bank provides, and explain various points related to employment in the banking sector in general.” 

Boubyan Bank is one of the most youth-supporting local banks in various fields as it recruits the best talented youth, while maintaining a 78% of national manpower, which is the highest ratio of national employment in the entire banking sector.

Al Saqabi added that the bank would review the main services and products it offers to the youth, especially those studying abroad who need more communication with banking services that cater for their needs. 

Al Saqabi pointed out that: “As per the bank’s custom in such occasions, the bank will be organizing a group of events, activities and surprises for students while providing special and valuable giveaways and prizes.”

“Everyone can follow up with our coverage of the conference through the bank’s social media channels on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others.”, he concluded.