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Boubyan Bank Trade Finance Department offers innovative and simplified solutions to the most complex deals and helps you manage your international trade transactions more efficiently.

Our Trade Finance Department supports every aspect of preparing trade transactions documents, including issuing, advising, amending, confirming and paying import and export Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees as well as handling your export and import documents collection.
We also arrange Islamic Trade financing for all your import payables.

The Customer Enterprise Application is an online trade system that allows you to perform all trade transactions right from the comfort of your office. 
Our experts in trade services are also available to provide services that suit your specific requirements.

Letters of Credit

A Letter of Credit is a written document issued by the bank at your request as a Buyer/Applicant to pay the Seller/Beneficiary.
The Letter of Credit assures payment to the Seller/Beneficiary of a certain sum of money as stipulated in the LC, provided that certain documents have been presented to the bank and the Seller/Beneficiary have complied with the LC’s terms and conditions.

Murabaha Letters of Credit

A Murabaha Letter of Credit is issued under a Murabaha contract and thereafter the goods purchased will be sold to you at a marked up price for a deferred payment. 
Essentially, the Bank will purchase the goods/services you require and then sell them to you for payment made in installments or as one lump sum.

Letters of Guarantee

A letter of guarantee is a binding written obligation issued under a Kafalah contract of by the Bank to assure payment in case of demand by the beneficiary. The Bank, in essence, acts as a guarantor for your purchases to secure your business requirements.

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