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The customer requests a line of facility from the Bank to purchase property/properties, where the customer will purchase the property/properties from the Bank at a pre-agreed price that is included in the cost plus profit margin for settlement on a deferred basis in line with the Islamic Sharia.

Murabaha Features

  • Repayment for the deal can be Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-annually or Bullet payment.
  • The purchase and selling price and the profit margin must be clearly stated at the time of the sale agreement.

Flexible Murabaha Product

“Flexible” Murabaha is a derivative product of Murabaha. The Bank will deposit the full financing amount generated from the Commodities’ Murabaha transaction in the customer’s call account for the company’s needs. All credit outstanding in the account at the end of the day will be invested at a profit rate decided by the Bank.

Flexible Murabaha Features 

  • Cover the company’s short-termed daily needs and transaction.
  • Profits are calculated as per the use.