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mastercard world boubyan bank platinum card بطاقة ماستركارد وورلد بنك بوبيان بلاتينوم

Petty Cash card 

The prepaid petty cash card is part of comprehensive Business Banking solution that is designed to allow you to manage smoothly and easily your various business banking transactions. 

The new prepaid petty cash cards will make managing petty cash in the business simple and straightforward by giving the business owner the flexibility to set spending limits and monitor expenses in real-time.


  • Avoiding the risk of loss or theft by not keeping cash in the office for daily petty cash requirements.
  • Eliminating unnecessary staff costs associated with managing petty cash in big and smaller businesses.
  • Complete online statement and reporting functionality to facilitate quick petty cash reconciliations.


All business banking customers are eligible to issue this card.

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