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Boubyan customer using his card to pay through POS - عميل بنك بوبيان يقوم بالدفع عبر جهاز نقاط الدفع

Point Of Sale (POS)

Boubyan’s POS service provides corporate customers with an integral merchant sales service to expedite and simplify the sales process.
The service is available for KNET, Visa, Mastercard and Diner cards transactions.


  • Individual statements for each device independent from other transactions of the company 
  • Available for short-time usage at temporary exhibitions 
  • Devices supported by the latest modern technology usable in stable or moveable conditions
  • Safe and secure money transfers 
  • Brief financial statements available at the end of day through the device for all the made transfers

To get more information or to request the service please contact us

Boubyan Bank – POS Department

Email : bbynpos@bankboubyan.com

Tel : 22325457 / 22325116 / 22325135 / 1820082

Fax : 22455533

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