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Save while you spend with Waferli 

Boubyan Bank’s Waferli service is designed to encourage you to save money through an instant and seamless process. This solution rounds up each POS transaction to the nearest KWD and saves the change into to your savings account. 

You can set the maximum daily savings amount and choose to deactivate and reactivate the service any time you choose.Boubyan’s Waferli service is available for free to all Boubyan savings Account and salary account holders. To subscribe to the service please visit Boubyan App or Msa3ed.


  • Free service 
  • Simple subscription process through Boubyan App or Msa3ed
  • Seamless saving process
  • Convenient service that can be activated and rdeactivated any time

Service details:

  • Cardholders with a Boubyan savings account or salary account are eligible to use the service
  • The service must be activated through Boubyan App or Msa3ed
  • Only Debit card POS transactions are processed. ATM and credit card transactions are not supported

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