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safety boxes boubyan bank صنادق الامانات بنك بوبيان

Safe Boxes

Boubyan has introduced the safe deposit boxes service to make sure you have a safe and reliable place to keep your valuable objects and important documents. 

The safety boxes guarantee you the highest levels of security and protection for your possessions.

Rates & sizes:
Safe deposit boxes are available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. 

Annual fees vary depending on the safe deposit box size.

KWD 25/- 50x30x10 Annual Rent Size A
KWD 45/- 50x30x20 Annual Rent Size C
KWD 55/- 50x30x30 Annual Rent Size D
KWD 65/- 50x30x45 Annual Rent Size E
KWD 50/-   Safe Boxes Key Security Deposit
KWD 30/-   Lost Vault Keys (per key)
At Cost   Vault Drilling

For Platinum, Private banking and Retiree account holders  there is 50 % discount on safe deposit boxes rental. The fees vary depending on the sizes. 

The service is available at the following branches: 

  • Andalus Branch
  • Abdullah Al Mubarak Branch 
  • Qaser Branch
  • Hateen Branch 
  • Bayan Branch
  • Qurtoba Branch 
  • Mubarak Al Abdullah (West Mishref)