Exclusive discount on course material for different subjects and universities in collaboration with Baims!

We care about your education and would like to help you stay on top of your coursework, so we are now offering PRIME customers an exclusive 30% discount on Baims platform. The platform includes high-quality recorded videos for your high school and university subjects, summaries, and notes. In addition to placement exam preparations. You will also be able to communicate with teachers through live sessions, where you can interact and get your questions answered.

A PRIME customer receives exclusive discounts on the Baims platform

A PRIME customer receives exclusive discounts on the Baims platform

Offer details

  • 30% discount on selected summaries and notes for different university subjects for PRIME customers who have their allowance transferred to PRIME
  • 30% discount on placement exams preparation for all PRIME customers
  • 30% Discount on high school level notes and classes
  • The discount is exclusive for customers who have their student allowance transferred to PRIME
  • High quality recorded videos and live sessions with teachers


Offer conditions:

  • The offer is valid till December 31st 2024
  • Each customer can get the discount code from Msa3ed, and the code is valid for a single use
  • All PRIME customers can benefit from the placement exams discount
  • The discount code is applicable on Baims website only
  • The 30% discount code applies on the following Kuwait University courses:
    • Engineering Economy
    • Pre-Calc
    • Calc A
    • Chemistry A
    • Pre-Chemistry
    • Phys 101
    • English 98
    • English 123
    • Math 110
    • Stat 104
    • Accounting 1

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