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Boubyan - Mazaya Collaboration

Boubyan Bank has collaborated with Mazaya to facilitate for Boubyan and non-Boubyan customers the process of real-estate investment abroad. Through this partnership, Boubyan will guide customers interested in purchasing properties abroad to Mazaya that will assist them in acquiring the best available properties.


  • Facilitate the process of purchasing properties abroad
  • Finance up to KD 70,000 (Construction Materials)
  • Free liability insurance
  • No salary transfer required


All Boubyan customers that are eligible for a PF loan from Boubyan Bank as well as non-Boubyan customers who meet the required conditions and who are interested in purchasing a real estate property in Oman, Turkey or Dubai.

For more information please contact Mazaya: 22243375


  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Guardian’s signature is required for customers under 21.
  • Minimum net income: KD 500
  • Minimum finance KD 1,000 and maximum KD 70,000
  • Minimum tenure 12 months and maximum 180 months
  • Civil ID
  • Military ID for military staff
  • Salary certificate
  • Salary certificate from MGRP for private sector employees

Required Documents:

Account statements for the last 3 months for non-Boubyan customers.