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Digital Eidiya 

Share this year’s Eid happiness with your loved ones and send them a special Eidiya through the electronic services available on Msa3ed. Surprise them with Google Play, iTunes, or PlayStation cards available through the E-vouchers service, or transfer the Eidiya amount easily and directly to their accounts through the Local or Boubyan Transfer services. To share the Eidiya through a Boubyan transfer, simply add the beneficiary using his account or mobile number. For transfers to local accounts, just enter the IBAN number of the Eidiya’s receiver. 

You can also share the Eidiya digitaly through the free Central Bank of Kuwait 3edeti service designed in collaboration with KNET. Using this solution, you can effortlessly transfer the Eidiya amount to multiple beneficiaries using their phone numbers. Receivers of the Eidiya can then freely choose to use the Eidiya amount to shop online or transfer the amount to their personal bank account. 

For more details about 3edeti service from  CBK and KNET please visit 3edeti website.