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This guide explains your rights when opening an account or using bank services. Please refer to the below for more info:

Information on the Products/Services


  • Upon requesting the opening of an account, read the terms and conditions of accounts thoroughly before signing and accepting them
  • Before opening an account, confirm that the type of account you are opening suits the purpose you are opening it for
  • Read the list of fees and commissions for the banking services and products available at the branch and on our website
  • You may visit Boubyan Bank’s website to review the terms and conditions of all our accounts and promotions


  • Read the terms and conditions of Term Deposits and understand how they work before signing the request for creating one
  • Before opening any Term Deposit, confirm the type of deposit you are investing in as well as its tenor
  • Understand the structure and benefits of each type of deposit to avoid any possible loss of profits upon requesting to break it prematurely
  • Ensure you are provided the Certificate of Deposit so that you may verify its type and tenor
  • Understand the profit calculation method of your Term Deposit if it were to mature or upon breaking it before maturity
  • You may visit Boubyan Bank’s website to review the terms and conditions of all Term Deposits provided by the bank

Cards/Credit Cards

  • Read the terms and conditions of your cards thoroughly before signing the request for issuing the card
  • Verify the type of card issued as well as its withdrawal limits inside and outside of Kuwait
  • Understand the method of calculating foreign exchange rates when using your card for foreign currency payments
  • Ensure the periodic review of transactions made using your cards in order to confirm their accuracy
  • Read the list of fees and commissions for the cards that are available at the branch and on our website
  • Keep the card in a secure place and do not store the PIN in the same place as the card
  • For your safety and security, do not provide your card or PIN to any individual
  • Kindly remember to sign the back of your card using your official signature
  • When using your cards check that the transaction amount is correct before entering your PIN code or signing the payment slip
  • Save the bank’s Call Center numbers (local & international) in your phone to contact them for any assistance or emergency
  • Always answer phone calls from +965 2232 5660 as the Card Transaction Monitoring Team may call you to confirm any transactions
  • Please review all SMS alerts and push notifications sent to you by the bank as they may contain important information regarding your cards or accounts
  • Keep the bank informed about your travel plan using the Travel Notification Service through the Online Banking site or Mobile Banking application to enjoy using your cards without interruption
  • Keep the bank updated with your latest information and contact details

Financing Transactions

  • Read the terms and conditions of any financing deal thoroughly before signing the contract
  • Upon requesting any type financing confirm the installment amount, date of deduction, amount of calculated profits, and terms of contract
  • The decision to provide or abstain from providing the financing amount is a credit-related decision made upon the discretion of each bank
  • The bank should verify the documents received from the customer as a proof of spending the personal finance on the purpose for which the finance was extended

Boubyan Bank Banking Application for Smart Devices/Bank Accounts

  • For your safety and security, do not share your online or mobile banking username or password

Important Information for You

  • The Sharia Supervisory Board at Islamic banks is formed upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors and is appointed by the approval of the General Assembly. The Shariah Supervisory Board is responsible for giving an opinion on the extent of the bank’s compliance in all its transactions and operations with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia.
  • The Civil ID is the identification card for GCC citizens and residents in all of their transactions and uses, for both the public and private sectors.
  • Customers with special needs are exempted from waiting in queues upon visiting branches and departments
  • Customers are entitled to take a copy of any contract they may sign with the bank
  • All banks have a dedicated unit for customer complaints who are vested with the right to receive written complaints from their customers and provide a written response to them within 15 business days
  • The Central Bank of Kuwait has a dedicated unit for customer complaints called the Customer Protection Unit and they may be contacted in case you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint
  • The maximum limit for the monthly deductions of any and all installments should not exceed 40% of the net monthly salary or 30% for retirees