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Your Health & Safety Is the Top Priority

Boubyan Bank is pleased to provide you with this brief directory, aiming to keep you safe amid the ongoing circumstances in Kuwait and the rest of the world while we continue fighting Coronavirus pandemic, imploring Almighty Allah to bless us all with health and safety.

The directory includes the most important information you may need, whether updates on Coronavirus or information from competent government authorities, online shopping websites or mobile Apps for your necessities, while providing you with a direct link to access such services.

Moreover, we have dedicated a special section for Boubyan Bank’s customers explaining how they can check their accounts and perform most of their banking transactions.

With God’s Help, then thanks to our cooperation, we will be able to overcome this crisis, and get out of it much stronger. We will return to our normal life with the power of our awareness and cooperation.

Boubyan Bank

Services and Shopping Directory