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Visa Grants Boubyan the “Fastest Growing Visa Portfolio” Award in Kuwait in 2018 

Boubyan Bank has made a new achievement this year by receiving the “Fastest Growing Visa Portfolio” Award in 2018 from Visa International as the bank continues to receive international and regional recognition for its growth and development over the past years. 

Mr. Marcello Baricordi, Visa GM – MENA, handed over the award to Mr. Abdulla Al-Tuwaijri, Boubyan Bank’s Deputy CEO, who commented: “We have a strategic relationship with Visa which dates back to many years as we were the first to launch the famous 5% Cashback program for purchases made using Visa cards.”

“Our strategic relationship with Visa has positively influenced the services and products provided to our customers across various sectors, and this relationship will improve a lot in the future.”, he added. 

Mr. Al-Tuwaijri stressed that Boubyan Bank would continue providing more e-payment & NFC-based services and products as Boubyan Bank was the first to launch such services in Kuwait alongside mobile banking services and “Tokenization” services.

Meanwhile, Mr. Baricordi stated: “We highly value our outstanding strategic partnership with Boubyan Bank, and we are pleased to name Boubyan Bank as the “Fastest Growing Visa Portfolio” in Kuwait. We are also glad to witness the several initiatives made by the bank to enable its customers to enjoy rewarding payment experiences in a smooth and comfortable manner. The leading payment solutions provided by Visa have pivotally contributed to cementing the status of products and services extended by the bank to its affluent customers. We will certainly continue to work closely with Boubyan Bank to support the transformation of payments in Kuwait, allowing customers and businesses to make use of the benefits provided by digital payments.” 

A Qualitative Leap

Mr. Al-Tuwaijri added: “The bank’s concept to make life easier for its customers is applied on an ongoing basis through our outstanding services and products provided to our customers, the last of which was the qualitative leap we made through the quick approach for requesting and issuing credit cards in a quick and smooth manner.”

“For the first time in Kuwait, the bank allows its customers to apply for a credit card at any time through the mobile banking service by using their PACI-approved digital signature.”, he added.

This new service from Boubyan Bank means that it is no longer necessary to visit the branch to apply for a credit card, thus, saving more time for customers since this service makes it possible for customers to apply for credit cards digitally using the digital signature, then, the card could be delivered through the special courier of the bank.

Furthermore, Boubyan Bank concluded an agreement with Visa International during the past year, which entitles Boubyan’s SMEs customers to many benefits upon using their corporate Visa card. 

This step comes as a part of the bank’s keenness on supporting SMEs of young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs, which included the establishment of a special Business Banking Unit to cater for the various SMEs’ dedicated services and products.

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