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Boubyan Bank Earns WhatsApp Business Verified Badge

Boubyan Bank has added a new achievement by earning the verified badge in WhatsApp business. This gives the bank an opportunity to grow further through the use of this important App, especially in communicating with its customers around the clock and removing all the communication obstacles facing them in addition to answering all their queries, thereby, making it among the first banks to earn this badge in Kuwait.

Khalid Al-Shammari, Executive Manager, Direct Banking Services at Boubyan Bank stated: “This an important step towards confirming the credibility of the bank’s accounts on various social medial platforms as the bank is keen on communicating with all of its customers on an ongoing and professional manner.”

He went on to add: “Following the launch of our WhatsApp account, we have been receiving hundreds of messages on a daily basis from customers whether to inquire about services and products or to report issues they are facing. Our staff would respond as soon as possible and provide the necessary assistance by answering such queries and resolving such issues in a swift manner.” 

“It is no secret that WhatsApp is now considered one of the most important Apps on smart phones, being the best in terms of communication, and Boubyan has been one of the first companies to use it for business for years.”, he added.

Al-Shammari explained: “By earning this verification badge, Boubyan Bank’s WhatsApp account has become verified, credible, and trusted to maintain the confidentiality of conversations. This serves as a WhatsApp certification owing to the trust enjoyed by Boubyan Bank’s franchise.”

“More information will be added about Boubyan similar to that available on the website such as the address, important phone numbers, description of the nature of business, and the email address, etc.”, he added.

Msa3ed Service

Al-Shammari emphasized that: “In the future, we will be linking WhatsApp service to Msa3ed Service (Boubyan Bank’s Chatbot) so that Msa3ed would answer all the queries of customers. This comes as a part of the bank’s keenness on providing the highest levels of digital services.”

It is worth-mentioning that Msa3ed is the first service of its kind in Kuwait to be offered by a Kuwaiti bank as a part of Chatbottechnology, which represents a new way of managing relationships between organizations and customers seeking quick information anytime whether they are in Kuwait or abroad 

Msa3ed technologies include an indefinite number of digital services; customers can perform a number of banking transactions or find responses to many questions and inquiries related to their bank account, including, for instance, balance inquiry or inquiry about credit card balance or various types of transfers.