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Boubyan Bank’s Hitten & Qortuba Branches Get Renovated

Both Branches Have a 24/7 Self-Service Area, and Are Fully Prepared to Serve Special Needs Customers

Boubyan Bank has recently announced the readiness of its Hitten & Qortuba branches to welcome customers following the conclusion of their complete revamp using modern designs to provide more comfort, ease and speed in completing customers' transactions during official working hours from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm, Sundays through Thursdays. 

In this regard, Boubyan Bank's Assistant General Manager- Retail Services, Bashar Al-Doub stressed that: “Renovating Hitten & Qortuba branches according to new designs is what makes Boubyan Bank special in coping with various modern banking services and products' developments to be actually and constantly within the bank customers' reach.”

Al-Doub pointed out that: “Services at both branches have been enhanced and provided with new services such as introducing the new Self-Service Areas, which include a number of Boubyan Direct ITMs which enable customers to perform all banking transactions 24/7 instead of having to visit the branch during official working hours, with the ultimate goal of serving all segments, especially customers with special needs.”

“The new design has some facilities such as wheelchair access ramps, audio recordings with indoor speakers explaining the main terms, conditions, forms and documents for visually-impaired customers who may have to sign them in addition to reading the entire texts in full for them prior to signature.”, Al-Doub added.

He went on to add: “Boubyan Bank continues to expand and open new branches as the total number of branches has so far reached 43, which is another achievement to add to Boubyan Bank's remarkable achievements over the past years.”

Boubyan Direct; The Most Widespread Among Banks In Terms of Number and Locations

Speaking about Boubyan Direct and the services they currently provide, Al-Doub stated: “Most banking services can be done via Boubyan Direct such as cash withdrawal and deposit of up to KD 5,000, depositing and payment of cheques, cash deposits to third party accounts, cash remittances, issuing debit cards, printing salary transfer certificates, obtaining official account statements, printing IBANs, and providing Eidiya, and many more services will be added later on.”

He added: "Through Boubyan Direct, customers can perform banking transactions and get responses to all inquiries they may have with the utmost data safety and security levels the devices provide for users."

Boubyan Bank has made several achievements this year and has further received several awards for its quality customer service, the most prominent of which are two awarded by Service Hero, the international consumer-driven customer satisfaction index; the First Place Award in Customer Service as a Country Winner for the fourth time in addition to being named the Best Islamic Bank in Customer Service for the ninth year in a row since 2010.

Boubyan Bank’s choice by Service Hero relied on a group of criteria they followed during a survey, which extended over one year among consumers who evaluated companies on a scale of 10 against their service-level expectations prior to actual experience, their experience and their satisfaction following the customer-service experience.

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