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Boubyan Bank Inaugurates Its New 43rd Branch at the Public Authority for Minors Affairs

Boubyan Bank has announced the initial operation of its new branch at the Public Authority for Minors Affairs, thereby reinforcing the bank’s presence and network locally as a part of its expansion plans inside Kuwait to serve its customers everywhere by providing ease, comfort and quick performance of their transactions during the official business hours of the branch.

Musab Al-Shalan, Head of the Branches Department, stated: “The new branch is a great addition to Boubyan Bank’s network since it serves one of the most important government entities visited by many customers on a daily basis.”

He added: “In terms of interior design, we took into consideration the ease and comfort of providing outstanding services to customers while providing sufficient space for the movement and waiting inside the branch, while giving Boubyan room for staying distinctive and capable of upgrading such branches to keep up with the ongoing developments in the local and international banking sectors.

Same Boubyan Unique Identity Anywhere

The design of the new branch brings about the digital and technological nature without compromising the modern outlook that characterizes Boubyan Bank. This emphasizes Boubyan Bank’s identity and makes it easy to recognize immediately wherever it is through the design made by international designers who specialize in designing branches in a modern manner without neglecting the developments in the banking industry.
Furthermore, the branch is environment-friendly as it is equipped with iPads and screens that display the bank’s products which make up for printed brochures and documents.