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With 87 Enrollments So Far…

Boubyan Bank Offers Employees MBA Opportunities from GUST

Al-Majed: Our Success Is Attributed to the Strength & Excellence of Our Human Resources That We Always Seek to Improve

Al-Hammad: We Always Take Pride in Being the Top Employer of Kuwaiti Youth and the Most Attractive for National Manpower

Boubyan Bank’s Vice-Chairman and CEO, Mr. Adel Abdul Wahab Al-Majed stated: "Boubyan Bank's success and growth in recent years have been achieved thanks to Almighty Allah, in the first place, and to its human resources which are considered the cornerstone of all our past and future achievements.”

This statement came to comment on opening of GUST-MBA registration for Boubyan Bank employees, within the framework of collaboration between the bank and GUST started more than 8 years ago.

87 Employees

Al-Majed reiterated that, within the joint program executed by the bank's ITQAN Academy, 87 employees were nominated to earn their MBA degrees from GUST during the period from 2012 to 2019.

"Such educational initiatives made by Boubyan Bank are in line with its keenness on supporting its human resources in various fields, developing their practical and academic skills and boosting their experiences in a way that benefits them and reflects on the services they provide to customers", Al-Majed added.

He went on to add: "We believe that investment should not be limited only to the bank's services and products, rather, it should extend to cover the most important investment, namely, developing the skills and experiences of our outstanding employees who will be responsible for shaping the future and developing our bank." Al-Majed further stressed that he had repeatedly confirmed that the bank is keen on its image as a “young bank” coping with the latest regional and international developments through a Kuwaiti young management.  

Al-Majed added, “Compared to other banks and many companies, the average age of Boubyan Bank employees is relatively low. Many of those employees made it to leading positions due to the bank's belief in the need to enable the youth to play leading roles, especially since all training and academic capabilities are made available, thereby giving them great opportunity to gain professional and practical experiences compared to their age.”

Highest National Labor Rates

On his part, Mr. Adel Al-Hammad, General Manager of Boubyan Bank’s HR Group, said that the most outstanding thing about the Boubyan-Gust cooperation program is that the bank bears over half of the tuition fees, leaving only the balance to be paid by employees themselves. This came as a contribution from the bank to support this unique program in Kuwait and the region.

Al-Hammad went on to add: “The bank's national manpower ratio increased to over 77% and for the fifth year in a row, the bank received the Award for the Replacement and Nationalization of Manpower atop Kuwait's banking sector, which is an annual award given to the institution with the highest national manpower ratios.”

"Winning this award confirms our commitment to the bank's strategy and social responsibility towards the Kuwaiti youth. Boubyan has maintained its status as the bank of choice for Kuwaiti youth seeking private sector employment, while maintaining its excellence in terms of national labor employment ratios for the fifth consecutive year, which confirms its achievements at various levels”, Al-Hammad added.

“This percentage is not only the highest among local banks, but also the highest in the Kuwait's private sector.”, Al-Hammad reiterated noting that Boubyan Bank had become a regional model to follow in recruiting national labor, developing it and creating outstanding job opportunities.

Furthermore, Al-Hammad stressed that “Boubyan Bank is now among the top priorities of ambitious Kuwaiti youth seeking banking careers thanks to the work environment at the bank which fosters creativity, innovation and unleashes youth potentials.”

"Over the past few years, the bank has been ahead of other local banks and private sector institutions in terms of implementing several important initiatives to develop its staff members, enhance their skills and qualify them through special training programs and workshops which combine knowledge and actual practice of banking business in addition to listening to employees and studying all their ideas. We also study the possibility of implementing such ideas using the best scientific and technical approaches, which instill more loyalty in our staff towards their organization.”, Al-Hammad concluded.

In 2012, Boubyan Bank signed an agreement with GUST to establish an academy to act as the bank's training arm and to develop its human resources in an academic manner through the latest specialized programs, administrative science and internationally accredited training programs that fully comply with the bank's work environment and Islamic Sharia.

The academy provides yearlong training opportunities for the bank staff in various disciplines such as financial management, financial data analysis, business administration, communication skills, developing human resources, advanced distinctive customer service programs and professional selling-skills for banking products.


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