Personal News & Press Release News Celebrating Gargeean with AlGhali Customers

Boubyan Bank Celebrates Gargee'an with Al-Ghali Customers at the Avenues

Boubyan Bank celebrated Gargee'an with children of Al-Ghali customers which is one of the unique traditions of Kuwait, representing a celebration held in the Holy Month of Ramadan full of meanings about communication between people. 
The celebration which was organized by the Marketing Department at the bank included entertaining shows by the puppet character Gergasha which performed shows for kids with a lot of fun and joy in addition to giving some tips about the Holy Month of Ramadan as well as health tips to encourage children to maintain the health of their bodies and teeth.
The celebration also included the distribution of healthy Gargee'an sweets free from unhealthy materials or artificial sweeteners in an attempt from the bank to spread awareness about the necessity of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet to protect the health of our children.
Additionally, a Kuwaiti folklore band entertained the attendees with wonderful Kuwaiti folklore performances related to this occasion. 

The entire Avenues’ visitors, customers and non-customers, interacted with this celebration which brought happiness and joy to all the attendees.