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Boubyan & Al-Hisba Ink Strategic Real Estate Market Analysis Agreement 

Al-Tuwaijri: The Partnership Opens New Horizons for Boubyan Customers, Confirms Tech Excellence

Al-Otaibi: Al-Hisba App Valuates Any Real Estate In Seconds

Al-Lehaib: Algorithms Are Created & Reviewed by Certified Valuators

Boubyan Bank has recently signed a strategic agreement with Al-Hisba Real Estate Company “Al-Hisba” whereby the bank provides special services for its customers using top notch modern technological solutions to facilitate easy access to Kuwait real estate market information, data and analysis.

In this regard, Boubyan Bank's Deputy CEO, Abdulla Al-Tuwaijri, said: “The bank always aspires to provide its customers with new and innovative technological solutions. This strategic partnership between the bank and Al-Hisba Real Estate Company will open new horizons for Boubyan Bank’s customers.” 

He added: "We constantly endeavor to make our customers' lives easier emanating from Boubyan Bank’s motto of ‘Life Style'. The bank's relationship with customers is not limited to mere banking transactions; rather, it goes beyond to cover all that is related to their everyday life."

On his part, Al-Hisba General Manager, Khaled Essam Al-Otaibi explained that “Al-Hisba App  is a new leap in the world of real estate technology; now, it became possible to valuate a real estate in a matter of seconds, which means easy availability of 'impartial technical opinion' for everyone at any time.”

Ahmed Abdullatif Al-Lehaib, the real estate valuator, stated: “Al-Hisba App depends on algorithms created and reviewed by seasoned real estate valuators, which, in terms of mechanism, make it the first-of-its-kind.”

Al-Lehaib went on to add: “The App uses one of the internationally approved real estate valuation methods performed by certified valuators where all elements affecting the real estate are factored in, taking into consideration the characteristics and highlights of each property and excluding non-identical elements to assess the value of the property that is consistent with the prevailing market condition and circumstances.”

The App Advantages 

Al-Hisba App was one of those introduced to the Kuwaiti market last December. It offers a number of specialized real estate services in the State of Kuwait including instant valuation for private residential properties; a service that enables users to valuate private residential properties within seconds in accordance with current market data, using a methodology that fully complies with international valuation standards.

The App further provides valuation for residential and investment apartments rents, official valuation for all types of real estate, construction cost estimation and covers real estate auctions held in Kuwait including those organized by both government entities and private sector companies.

It also includes an archive arranged in a chronicle order for real estate auctions held since 2017 in addition to official sale deals. Al-Hisba App displays the official sales’ deals published by the Ministry of Justice with the possibility of looking up old deals made from 2010 until today. It further enables the user to filter deals and rearrange them as per the search requirements in addition to other features such as sale, purchase and rental ads, real estate loan installments calculator as well as all the news related to the real estate sector in Kuwait coupled with a selection of articles related to the real estate and construction sectors. 

Al-Hisba is also preparing to launch new services in the near future such as investment and industrial valuation service and 'My Budget' service.

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