Following Last Year’s Success

Boubyan Bank Launches “Beat Obesity” Campaign in Collaboration with Kuwait Obesity Association and Novo Nordisk

In cooperation with Kuwait Obesity Association “KOA” and Novo Nordisk for the second year in a row, Boubyan Bank will organize a 2-day campaign named "Beat Obesity.. It's Simple & Doable" at the Avenues during the period from 25 to 26 October 2019.

In this regard, Mr. Qutayba Saleh Al-Bassam, Executive Manager at the Corporate Communications Division of Boubyan Bank stressed that “Organizing the campaign this year is based on the success achieved last year in collaboration with KOA where the Avenues’ visitors, including Boubyan customers and others, were provided with free tests, consultations and medical advice.”

"The two-day campaign will be open for all, providing them with medical tests including blood pressure, blood glucose, HbA1c, BMI, cholesterol and others. Furthermore, visitors will have free access to specialists’ medical consultation, and this all comes in an attempt to boost awareness about the significance and necessity of treating obesity and fighting its growth amongst various segments of the society.", Al-Bassam explained.

Al-Bassam went on to add: “The campaign comes as a part of Boubyan Bank's social responsibility activities, namely those designed to increase public awareness about the significance of all forms of physical activities for health, especially with the growing number of diseases resulting from immobility, lack of physical exercise or even not meeting the normal rates of walking needed for average man.”

“Participation of an outstanding group of Kuwaiti youth from KOA and public health and nutrition experts is the highlight of this event", Al-Bassam elaborated as he expressed his gratitude to KOA and NOVO NORDISK International company for co-organizing this campaign to shed some light on obesity risks.

Growing Obesity Rates in Kuwait

On her part, Deputy Head of KOA, Dr. Asrar Said Hashem expressed that she was happy for the second cooperation with Boubyan Bank in one of the most significant health awareness campaigns in Kuwait, which is the aim of KOA along with spreading constant public awareness about obesity’s risks, complications and how to achieve doctor-patient communication to reach the best prevention measures and facilitate treatment.

"While the entire world is witnessing remarkable growth in obesity rates, Kuwait particularly tops international obesity rates in both adults and children, which poses a real threat and considerable burden to the Kuwaiti society", Dr. Hashem warned.

Dr. Hashem further added: “Many scientific studies have been done in this regard, and the Global Health Observatory statistics show that obesity rates in Kuwait amount to 33.2% among men and 42.7% among women, which places Kuwait on top of regional and international countries with high obesity rates. A recent study made by Dasman Diabetes Institute show that obesity rates among children are 50%, which is an alarming percentage that calls for immediate studies and solutions.”

Further, Dr. Hashem explained that the World Obesity Federation “WOF” had recently decided to postpone the World Obesity Day from October 11th to March 4th as of 2020 to allow for shedding the light on the accelerated growth of this disease and to provide media coverage that corresponds to the health and social risks associated therewith.

Also speaking on the occasion, KOA’s Treasurer, Dr. Amina Al-Qabandi stated: “Due to the possible obesity-related future medical risks, including 230 diseases such as Type II Diabetes caused by various genetic and environmental factors, obesity has become an irritating concern for societies in general and health organizations in particular.” 

Al-Qabandi added: “According to statistics, obesity has reached unprecedented levels in Kuwait for adults and children alike as per the statistics, and this constitutes a real threat to the health of individuals, thus, leading to chronic diseases which ultimately lead to death. Therefore, we need to boost public awareness about the significance of nutrition and physical exercise, maintain reasonable weight and body mass and focus on the best means to achieve such goals with experts’ help."

Al-Qabandi stressed that experts are currently facing various challenges towards achieving the hoped-for goals of obesity treatment. "However, continuous awareness and the right communication between patients, doctors and nutritionists will enable us to fight and solve the problem through proper healthcare and spreading enough health awareness among the community.", she remarked.      

On his part, Dr. Akin Aksekili, Vice President and General Manager Novo Nordisk Gulf Emerging Markets stated: “All the segments of the society should stand together to confront the discrimination facing obese people. It is our duty in Novo Nordisk to help spread awareness about obesity, its reasons and its dangerous complications. I would like to thank our partners in Kuwait Obesity Association and Boubyan Bank for this awareness event, and we hope that such events may highlight the burden that obesity lays on the shoulders of the society.”

Over 1350 tests were made during last year's campaign for obese and healthy people wishing to check their health status, and who were able to have discussions with specialized doctors to find out the best and simplest solutions to overcome their health problems.


Dr. Akin Aksekili

Dr. Akin Aksekili