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Neqsat Boubyan 2

Neqsat Boubyan is one of the beautiful Kuwaiti traditions which is almost sinking into oblivion; it is about gifting the neighbors one or more dishes by a neighbor of any kind of food as a nice sharing gesture during the months of Ramadan.

Neqsat Boubyan is the name of the campaign to be launched by Boubyan Bank for 2nd year in row during the Holy Month of Ramadan, where Boubyan Volunteers’ Team, of Kuwaiti youths and with the help of a group of Kuwaiti chefs, will prepare special Ramadan dishes which are mastered by such chefs to be distributed to the needy families.

The goal of the campaign is to highlight the importance of solidarity in the Holy Month and to show that helping break the fast of a fasting person may done in a more beautiful way showing more solidarity, and stressing that everyone deserves a special meal even if such was by way of donation.