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Boubyan Spartan

Boubyan Bank has recently held Boubyan Spartan Race, the first of its kind in Kuwait.

Boubyan Spartan focused on sprinting which is suitable for all athletes of all levels and is similarly suitable for Spartan beginners as well as those experienced contestants. While the race is the program’s shortest distance of 5 kilograms, it is full of 20+ signature Spartan obstacles.

Since the announcement of Spartan race in Kuwait, many youths who are interested in this kind of sports registered for participation and the final number of participants was 2000+ participants, however, on the day of the race 3000+ reported to the event between participants and fans.

Spartan is part of the continued strategy of Boubyan Bank to organize sports’ activities encouraging indulging in sports’ activities and motivating youths to participate in activities and events that make them foster positive behavioral patterns which benefit them in the first place, and the society accordingly.