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Social Responsibility

Our Society… The Responsibility of Everyone

Social responsibility and community service in various segments of the society are at the cornerstone of the Bank. Contributing to development and building a society that is able to face regional and international variables, the Bank is a leader in this area by launching several social initiatives, supporting activities and events geared towards different segments, especially those with special needs and young people, youth support, health and education.

The bank’s strategy aims at creating a positive CSR model away from the existing traditional models, and we observe this in the initiatives we take or the segments we target inside or outside Kuwait. Corporate social responsibility and the implementation of its programs are not only limited to one department, rather, we consider all the bank’s departments and branches to be main players in undertaking our social responsibility roles and in building the society. Our staff are our main partner in serving our society and we undertake our social responsibilities together.

Everyone can see that Boubyan Bank was the most prominent player through its social services during the period from 2009 until the end of 2018 as the bank adopted new initiatives targeting all segments, particularly the youths, and such initiatives were introduced for the first time in the state of Kuwait by the bank. The bank organized and sponsored more activities and events, thus, striking a brilliant balance between quality and quantity. Furthermore, many parties benefitted from such events whether they were customers or non-customers of the bank.

Our Vision:

For Boubyan Bank to have a distinguished touch, the Bank is involved in various areas of community service by introducing initiatives that contribute to and affect the development of society. Social responsibility should be the center of attention for all employees, from executives to all staff.

The board of directors has the supreme responsibility to authorize the adoption of this policy and to ensure the compliance from executive management in its application.

They then oversee the implementation of the policy and are given the responsibility to act directly on behalf of the corporate communications department at the Bank..

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