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Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility ... Boubyan Bank’s Role in Building the Community

Social responsibility and community service in various segments of the society are at the cornerstone of the Bank. Contributing to development and building a society that is able to face regional and international variables, the Bank is a leader in this area by launching several social initiatives, supporting activities and events geared towards different segments, especially those with special needs and young people, most notably the Big Tree Society initiative launched by the Bank among all schools in Kuwait in collaboration with UNESCO.

During the period from 2009 until the end of 2012, the Bank sponsored and participated in more than 250 different activities targeting various sectors, whether for young people or children with special needs as well as other segments of society.

Our Vision:

For Boubyan Bank to have a distinguished touch, the Bank is involved in various areas of community service by introducing initiatives that contribute to and affect the development of society. Social responsibility should be the center of attention for all employees, from executives to all staff.

The board of directors has the supreme responsibility to authorize the adoption of this policy and to ensure the compliance from executive management in its application.

They then oversee the implementation of the policy and are given the responsibility to act directly on behalf of the corporate communications department at the Bank..

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