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Samsung Pay

Enjoy the new UTap solution, the safest, easiest and most convenient payment technology to make contactless payments. Just add Boubyan Visa credit or debit card to your Samsung watch or mobile accessible on Samsung Pay App available on both devices, and process your payments faster and easier using your smart Samsung watch and mobile phone at NFC enabled points of sales.

Service benefits

  • Private and Secure: The card numbers are never stored on the device and the purchases are covered by Boubyan’s fraud protection. 
  • Fast and Simple: Once enabled, your Samsung watch or mobile will process contactless payments very easily.
  • Accessible everywhere: Inside and outside Kuwait, you can use your Samsung watch or mobile to pay on NFC enabled points of sales.


  • This service is accessible to all Boubyan customers:
  • Holders of an active Visa debit prepaid and credit cards.
  • Who have a smart Samsung mobile phone or watch enabled for payment services from the manufacturer.