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Boubyan Rewards

Boubyan Rewards is the new Boubyan bank’s loyalty program that will replace Boubyan Select.

Boubyan rewards is a special and unique loyalty program that allows you earn points every time you make purchases using your Boubyan credit cards inside or outside Kuwait.

This flexible program also gives you the freedom to choose between redeeming your Boubyan Rewards program points for cash, or airline miles or hotels points.

Boubyan Rewards will be initially accessible only through Msa3ed on Boubyan App.


Boubyan bank customers holders of the below credit cards are eligible to enroll in Boubyan Rewards program under the specified conditions:

Credit Card Eligible Transactions
Visa Infinite Credit Card
  • All transactions inside and outside Kuwait.
  • All credit cards against minimum salary of KD 400.
  • All credit cards against deposit/blocked amount for customers with minimum salary of KD 400.
  • All credit cards against a deposit, only for Private and Platinum customers.
Visa Signature Credit Card
Visa Platinum Credit Card
MasterCard World Elite Credit Card
MasterCard World Credit Card
MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

Access to Boubyan Rewards options   

The Existing Boubyan Select customers will be migrated automatically to the New Boubyan Rewards program and will have access to all the redemption options:

  • Manual cashback activation
  • Airline miles
  • Hotel points
  • Enabling auto Cashback

The existing Cashback customers will continue having the cashback. They can also disable the auto cashback through Msa3ed and have access to all the redemption options:

  • Manual cashback activation
  • Airline miles
  • Hotel points
  • Re-enabling auto Cashback

Boubyan Rewards Points

When you join Boubyan Rewards program you will earn points with every purchase you make using your credit card inside and outside Kuwait. 

The points’ equivalence calculation is made as in the following example:

Monthly Spending Earned Boubyan Rewards Points
KD107 2 Points
KD2,500 75 Points


138 Points
KD7,240 250 Points
  • Boubyan Rewards points will be credited into your Boubyan Rewards account at the beginning of each month.
  • The maximum number of Boubyan Rewards points you can earn in a month is 250 points.
  • Boubyan Rewards points do not have an expiry date.
  • Boubyan Rewards points cannot be transferred to another person’s account.

Redeeming Boubyan Rewards points

  • Redeeming Boubyan Rewards points for CashBack (Manual/Auto) or Airlines Miles or Hotels Points can only be done through the Msa3ed.
  • You can make as many redemptions as you like, as long as you have available balance of Boubyan Rewards points.

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