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Boubyan Bank is the first Islamic bank to be established in the state of Kuwait as per the Law of Islamic Banks no. 33 of 2003. The Bank was established as a Kuwaiti Public Shareholding Company on September 21st 2004 by virtue of the Amiri Decree no. 88 to practice all banking, financial and commercial activities in compliance with the provisions of the Noble Islamic Sharia.

Boubyan Bank’s shares have been listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange since May 15th 2006 as the Bank promoted the culture of Islamic Banking and the banking transactions based on truth, transparency, and integrity.

In 2009, the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) managed to acquire 47.29% of the shares of Boubyan Bank which was increased to 58.3% during 2012. Since then, NBK has contributed to the development journey of Boubyan Bank.

Boubyan Bank success story is an example of entrepreneurship which is founded on a set of bases and strategies, the most prominent of which is the assessment of the business approach and putting it on the right path, then reinforcing the role and status of the bank in the banking market to place it among the best in the domestic banking institutions in general, and the Islamic ones in particular.

Leadership and Uniqueness of Exceptional Services and Customer Service

Boubyan Bank is known for its provision of exclusive and unique banking services and products which were first introduced by it in the Kuwaiti market. The Bank is also ranked as the best private sector institution in Kuwait in the field of customer service.

Furthermore, creativity and innovation have always been the corner stone for Boubyan Bank’s business model as the bank is keen on reinforcing this value through the innovative digital and electronic banking services, most of which is offered for the first time in the state of Kuwait.

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